Friday 20 December 2013

Kickstarter Clone | Kickstarter Clone Script

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Kickstarter Clone Script
Kickstarter Clone Script

Kickstarter Clone

Crowdfunding platform is the best platform to fund your creative project from across the world. Basically it’s a fundraising platform for categories like Music, Games, Design, Fashion, Technology and several more. Though it has limited category for projects you can raise huge fund only if you meet specified result.

Fundraiser is an Kickstarter Clone from NCrypted, is advanced fundraising platform along with standard functionalities included which has proved to be robust, scalable and secure platform to launch for an emerging entrepreneurs who wish to launch Crowdfunding Clone online.

Standard Modules of Kickstarter Clone

• Registration Module
• Project Management
• Search Module
• Payment Module
• FAQ Management

This are some standard module of Kickstarter Clone and if client wants to customize and their own functionality than we also offer customization at very affordable cost. NCrypted offers complete customized solutions and satisfy client’s needs and assures after sales support.

NCrypted has varied experience in developing various categories clones and especially Crowdfunding Clones like Kickstarter Clone, Indiegogo Clone and SecondMarket Clone. You can contact NCrypted for fundraising Clone, Kickstarter Clone or Indiegogo Clone or SecondMarket Clone at affordable cost.